Guild Charter

Little Red Riding Wolves Guild Charter

The regiment of elite werewolves known as Little Red Riding Wolves envisions each and every member abide by the bylaws described below.
The following regulations were consensually crafted by all active members of the guild.

All Riding Wolves are expected to uphold by these regulations to constitute membership:

All members of the guild must have at least one werewolf character
or be
bitten at the nearest ceremony if they do not. No exceptions will be made regarding this.

While the All Members 1 voice channel and the guild text channel have no restrictions on profanity,
please try and keep it respectful as a courtesy to other members. All Members 2 should be used
if one desires a family-friendly conversation.

Werewolf bites are sacred. Only reward worthy individuals with the blessing at our Bite Ceremonies,
which are every Friday. This is to establish unity by having our timers reset at the same time.
Any member caught selling a bite will be subject to expulsion from the guild.
(Click   for more information on bite ceremonies.)

Any misconduct occurring within the guild should be reported to an officer or leader
immediately. This may include but is not limited to: harassment, poaching, or scamming of any sort. 

Guild Structure

Little Red Riding Wolves practices decision-making through consensus amongst
the leaders and/or guild members. During private deliberation, officers and leaders 
alike are free to express their opinion without fear of consequence. Members are also invited 
to provide feedback to the guild's management in a respectful and courteous manner. 

All issues that are reported or brought to the attention of a member of the guild 
management (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma) will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. 
Our officers and leaders are not permitted to share details regarding such matters to 
outside parties. This ensures the guild operates fairly and promotes trust. 

Roster and Membership

In order to guarantee that Little Red Riding Wolves maintains nothing but the best and most devoted 
guild members, the roster shall be reviewed on a daily or weekly basis. Here is an overview of ranking: 

New Member (Pup, Psi)
Default rank when invited to the guild. All members will remain at this rank until 
they receive a welcome package from a guild leader (usually within hours, if not minutes). 
In the welcome package, new members are instructed to attend one guild meeting and
register on the forums to become a full member. Clicking "I agree" on the registration page indicates 
that a member has read, acknowledged, and agreed to the charter of Little Red Riding Wolves.

Members who violate guild rules (Omega) may be placed here as a sanction from 
any officer and may only be reinstated upon the discretion of guild management.

Packmate (Sigma, Lambda, Kappa)
After a new member registers and attends the required meeting on Wednesday,
the member in question will be promoted from Psi to Sigma in-game. On the forums,
their account will be verified and they will gain unrestricted access to the site. 

As a full member, a packmate now has unlimited access to the guild hall and is eligible to
receive guild rewards from events and may participate in raffles and lotteries. Based on 
activity, werewolves at this rank may be promoted from Sigma to Lambda and afterward, 
Kappa, to represent their proficiency.

Captain (Zeta, Delta)
Werewolves who are elected to become PVP Captains and command their alliance in
Cyrodiil are promoted to the rank of Zeta. This is an stepping stone to a position in 
guild management, but captains are not disclosed with sensitive matters unless it 
involves Cyrodiil strategies. 

Upon appointment to the Zeta rank, a werewolf will be granted moderator privileges to 
their alliance campaign subforum and given access to the exclusive PVP Captain subforum.
If interested, apply at today!

Officer (Gamma)
Extremely knowledgeable and committed officers that execute the guild's vision. 
They are respected members of the guild management and direct specialized
fields of the guild. They are assessed on their judgment and incredibly valued opinions.

Gammas are appointed at the volition of the guild leaders collectively. If you are 
interested in possibly being regarded as an officer of Little Red Riding Wolves, 
head to to express your interest.

Leader (Beta, Alpha)
The Alpha and Betas, known synonymously as the leaders, create policy for the guild 
and promote healthy activity within it. The leaders equally have the same amount 
of influence, but the Alpha serves as the chair and oversees the guild in-game. 

When the player count on the roster is at its max, any members at the Psi rank or below who have not 
logged into ESO for the longest period of time may be potentially removed to make space for a new 
invite. All werewolves in the Sigma rank or above will not be kicked unless consensually agreed 
upon by the guild leaders, regardless of time offline. 


Activities and Events

Little Red Riding Wolves hosts officials events most days out of the week to keep 
the guild at large active and engaged. Any member may suggest an activity or event 
but the content involved, time designated, and prize rewards must be approved by the
Leader of Activities. 

The event orchestrator also has the ability to have their event added 
to the official calendar and listed on the guild's Message of the Day. Any supplies or 
organization required should be the responsibility of the event orchestrator. An attendance 
list should be sent to any officer of the guild in order for the Leader of Rewards to supply 
an appropriate prize from the guild bank or to reimburse the player. 

Guild Bank

The guild bank has stringent rules implemented to protect it from abuse, 
such as heavily moderating the transactions that occur. 

Officers who are responsible for the guild bank are tasked with stacking similar items
to maximize storage space, as crafting materials often end up dominating a lot of space.
Items may be withdrawn to be given as prizes per the Leader of Rewards, sold if space
is minimal, or given as charity to members who seek to increase their crafting skills. 

Guild Hall

Little Red Riding Wolves calls Hakkvild's High Hall home and uses this communal space for various 
events. Guild meetings, werewolf tournaments, and other exciting activities are usually hosted at the 
guild hall. Full members are more than welcome to make use of the enchanting, blacksmith, alchemy, 
provisioning, woodworking, clothing, dye, and transmutation stations that the hall has to offer. 

Any excess furniture donated towards the guild hall may be auctioned 
with all proceeds returning to the guild for future event rewards and acquisitions.

The guild hall can be accessed by going to the guild roster, 
selecting Eshaya's name, and choosing "Visit Primary Residence."

Xbox One Club

Our guild also handles a club on Xbox One by the same name. We use this feed to quickly share
fun screenshots and ESO gameplay videos with the rest of the guild. We encourage all members to 
post freely whenever they're in group settings with other guild members or werewolves in general. 

Please ask any of the guild leaders for an invitation to the club. The club's membership list will 
be scrubbed periodically to remove those who are no longer a member of Little Red Riding Wolves. 

To find out which officers carry out these tasks, meet our officers!


Charter Signatories



WHEREAS, these guild bylaws created by Eshaya, Bukuhx, and Asher Vaughn ("Leaders") 
with specialized input from MrWarlokk ("Officers") have sufficiently 
met the standards of a successful guild foundation; and 

WHEREAS, all regulations and protocols have been explained to 
and evaluated by members of Little Red Riding Wolves ("Guild"); and

WHEREAS, this charter may also be subject to warranted revision by the Leaders as needed; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Guild hereby confirms the charter for Little Red Riding Wolves; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the aforementioned statutes will be effective 3rd January 2017.

Members Present:

syk0515       WILDBUSHDOG       MinivanAssault       bacon1289       Mr Syrupmasta       Znationaddy 
Carnage195       TimlessHarvest       NikiLauda1Wife       GriffinKing01       Gwenagin       x Grail x 
      Niki Lauda 1       KISAMENakamura1       MrWarlokk, Officer

Bukuhx, Leader of Activities       Asher Vaughn, Leader of Rewards       Eshaya, Leader of Membership


Edited by Eshaya, Mar 7 2018, 01:23 PM.

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