Meet Your Officers

Meet Your Officers

Guild founded by RuschNaround and Asher Vaughn.
View the official Little Red Riding Wolves guild charter here.

The following members have been given additional responsibilities in return for their devotion to the guild.
All members of the guild should be respected as equals, regardless of rank or duty. 

Interested in serving in a role for Little Red Riding Wolves? Speak to any officer for more information. 

Guild Leadership 

Portrait of Beta MinivanAssault Portrait of Alpha Asher Portrait of Beta Eshaya

Beta, Leader of Rewards 
The Erstwhile Sanctuary (CST) 

Asher Vaughn
Alpha, Leader of Activities 
The Erstwhile Sanctuary (MT) 

Beta, Leader of Membership 
The Erstwhile Sanctuary (EST) 

MinivanAssault vowed to resist her strict family's wishes and become a powerful werewolf. She now serves as an amazing leader to grant other werewolf mates valuable items and supplies for thriving in our pack. Asher Vaughn had to learn to grow up early by having to take care of his sisters at a young age. After finding himself with the blessing of Hircine, he learned how to truly lead and crafted a legacy of werewolves. Eshaya is a former Altmer ambassador with a passion for diplomacy. Through proper conveyance with guildmates and foreign werewolf nobility alike, Eshaya provides structured leadership to the guild.
Responsibilities include:
Guild Bank & Finances
Werewolf Bite Ceremony
Discord Management

Responsibilities include:
Event & Activity Scheduling
Official Calendar Updates

Combat (PvX) Overseer

Responsibilities include:
Roster & Recruitment Information
Guild Bulletin and Mail System

Roleplay (RP) Overseer



Portrait of Gamma Arytio Portrait of Gamma syk0515

Gamma, Recruitment Officer
The Erstwhile Sanctuary (EST) 

Gamma, Development Officer
The Erstwhile Sanctuary (EST) 

Growing up on the island of Solstheim, Arytio was tutored in mystic arts by one of the greatest mages of his time, Neloth Telvanni. Being more of a gentle soul, Arytio abandoned the ways of destruction and decided to use his unique unity with nature to become one of the most notable healers in history. Syk0515 was a career adventurer who frequented deep caverns and dangerous delves in search of fame when an expedition turned chaotic. After barely escaping the delve where he was bitten, syk0515 sought refuge with the guild and grasped the lifestyle as one of Hircine's champions.

Responsibilities include:
Guild Invitations & Discord Management
Official Recruitment Team
Responsibilities include:
Statistician of Guild Functions
Event Attendance Recordkeeping

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of the above individuals.

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